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Why Centrifugal Pump Is Not Self-priming Capacity
Jan 04, 2017

F=mv^2/r subjected to centripetal force centrifugal pump, side wall support, exactly balanced, mesial movement does not occur, there was no sucking.
Centrifugal is the inertia of an object, like water droplets on the umbrella, when umbrellas rotates slowly, water droplets will follow an umbrella rotation, this is because the umbrellas and the centripetal force of friction as drops of water droplets. But if an umbrella rotation accelerates, the frictional force is not enough to make the water droplets in a circular motion, then drops out of the umbrella to the outer movements, like pulling the stone with a rope moving in a circle, if the speed is too fast, the rope will break, stones will fly out, this is called the centrifugal.
For a normal centrifugal pump without bottom valve and need to be filled with water in the pump casing when you start, and make the following modifications:
1, bottom suction pipe installed bridle or check valve;
2, pump suction to install a water storage tank.