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Sewage Treatment Why We Must Choose Anti-air Pumping Smart Sewage Self-priming Pump?
Feb 25, 2018

Under normal circumstances are installed above the liquid level position. In this case, there is no water in the pump chamber, which is crucial before starting up!

Some people say that I installed the bottom valve at the entrance of the sewage lift pump. When the machine is stopped, the bottom valve will be closed and the water in the pump will not run away. When it is switched on, the pump must be water! How can the pump be dry?

Actually, it is a good idea to add a foot valve at the entrance, however, a little overlooked. Because there are many in the waste water tank said unclear unclean things, such as plastic bags, if wrapped in the bottom valve, the pump can not pump water, this is not serious, if the long hours of operation, the water temperature inside the pump will Due to the friction of the mechanical seal increases, so that vaporization. Will lead to two consequences: 1. If the pipe is PVC, high temperature can lead to pipe deformation. 2. After the water inside the pump is vaporized, the mechanical shaft seal will not wear due to the cooling of the water, resulting in liquid leakage and accident.

In the other case, if there is any debris stuck in the ball of the bottom valve during shut-down, the water in the sewage lifting pump will soon leak out. However, the worker who operates this pump does not know that at startup, he will think There is water in this pump, and when it was invented, basically the sewage pump had been hung up.

Therefore, we can not pin our hopes on the workers. We should consider how to simplify the workers' mistakes. This is the direction of hard work! Because people are the most difficult factor to control

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