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Sewage Pump Maintenance Of Common Sense
Jan 04, 2017

1, sewage pump management and should be free to use, and periodically check the electric pump windings insulation resistance between chassis and is normal.
2, each time after use, in particular for the thicker a sticky media, submersible pump should be placed in clear water run for a few minutes, preventing sediments in the pump, ensure submersible sewage pump clean.
3, submersible sewage pump, such as long time when not in the pump should be removed from the water, do not soak in water for a long time in order to reduce the chance of moisture in stator winding, increase pump life, able to spray paint to paint, so as to avoid corrosion.
Sewage pump maintenance of common sense
4, 300-500 hours after the conventional sewage pumps each use should add or change oil oil (10-30 oil), good lubrication of mechanical seal and improve the service life of the seal.
5, submersible non-clog sewage pump disassembly, after repair, chassis components must be approved by the 0.2MPa gas tightness test, to ensure that the motor is reliable to seal, testing pumps should be used click on ways to ensure normal and start the motor again.