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Multistage Pump Assembly And Disassembly
Jan 04, 2017

1, the sealing ring and bearings mounted on the pump seat, using set screws.
2, the ring installed on the Middle, fixed with a set screw.
3, the guide vanes on the wicket, diffuser with screws to the rear section.
4, the balance after the drum set and press it into segments, diffuser with screws to the rear section.
5, in the packing room packed filler, and double head bolts securing the packing gland packing, (25LG\32LG and 40LG pump needs water in the bottom of the filling Chamber mounted sealing ring).
6, mount the bearing on the shaft. and round nuts and locking washers? fastening. And then felt? boxed on the bearing of the bearing, attention and bearing in the bearing box to inject the right amount of calcium base butter, then water? paper pad and sleeve on the shaft, and embedded balanced drum keys on the shaft.