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Mining Pump Routine Maintenance
Dec 10, 2017

Under normal circumstances, generally do not need to open and maintenance. After finding the fault, you can always give exclusion. Maintains attention to several major parts:

1, the rolling bearings: When the long-term operation, the bearing wear to a certain extent, to be replaced;

2, before the ring, after the ring: When the ring wear to a certain extent, to be replaced;

3, mechanical seal: mechanical seal in the case of no leakage, the general should not disassemble and check; if the bottom of the bearing body serious water leakage, the mechanical seal should be removed. When assembling and disassembling the mechanical seals, they must be handled with care and attention should be paid to the surface with a clean surface to protect the stationary ring and the movable mirror ring from impact. Due to mechanical seal leakage is mainly due to the friction lens sent. Repair methods: friction end surface can be polished to restore the mirror. Another reason for mechanical seal leakage is the improper installation of O-rings or seal aging. In this case, the O-ring needs to be replaced for reassembly.