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Centrifugal Pumps At Run Time, Would You Please Close The Outlet Valve For A Long Time
Jan 04, 2017

When the pump outlet valve closing is not closed, if the flow is small-not much, just drop the efficiency of centrifugal pump, wasting electricity, had no effect on centrifugal pump equipment. Once you close the smaller valve to a certain limit, will lead to increased noise and vibration of centrifugal pumps, centrifugal pump's performance will become unstable. And centrifugal pump valve close of situation Xia long time run also will led to pump body inside of liquid temperature rose, once centrifugal pump in close State of small flow Xia run or no flow run, water in pump cavity in the after impeller high-speed rotating of role water in pump cavity in the fast cycle and pump body friction, will led to pump body temperature sharply rose, export pressure also will rose, if pump body temperature high even will led to pump body burst of dangerous, motor current also will has rose, Super current also will led to motor burned of fault occurred. Centrifugal pump cannot run for a long time to close the outlet valve.