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Centrifugal Pump Cavitation Which Harm
Jan 04, 2017

1. pump performance degradation. Pump flow, pressure and decreased efficiency. Generate a large amount of bubbles, it may appear tied, forcing the pump stopped working.
2. noise and vibration, affecting the pump's normal work environment.
3. materials for pump casing and impeller damage, reduce the service life of the pump.
Cause of cavitation is near impeller inlet static pressure is below a certain value. Many reasons contributing to this static pressure is too low, such as pump mounting height exceeds allowed value, pump liquid temperature is too high, local resistance too high suction pipe. In order to avoid cavitation occurs, you should try to be near impeller inlet pressure lower than the delivery temperature of liquid saturation vapor pressure. Typically, according to the pump's cavitation performance to determine pump installed height, is the effective measure to prevent cavitation.