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Submersible pump failure and treatment method of analysis
Jan 04, 2017

(1) failure phenomenon, close the power switch, the pump cannot start: or after the motor starting, speed does not go on, water pump without water or out of water.
(2) examination and analysis that is the case, both electrical and mechanical, can be checked and analyzed.
1) current is big, the motor will overheat, check and adjust the voltage of the transformer can be resolved.
1. the transformer is too small and will make the motor-start difficulties. Could be changed with appropriate capacity of the transformer.
2. the supply line cross-section too small, long lines, causing line voltage drop too Ambassador motor-start difficulties. Should be replaced with a larger section of the line, or line close to the transformer.
3. the motor two phase power supply, single phase current motor not starting. Clip-on ammeter to check available three-phase current, or observe the ammeter of control cabinet. Into the two-phase power supply, immediately cut off the power supply, check the power switch contacts are good, main circuit wiring is broken or loose, fuses are burnt out.