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Stainless steel multi-stage pumps to improve the energy-saving requirements
Jan 04, 2017

Stainless steel multi-stage pump industry in China has developed for decades time, pump standard has also been considerable development during this period. Pump prices in that market is relatively stable, although slightly lifting, but are very small, the market prospects are worth to look good.
The future, stainless steel multi-stage pump industry will be moving in two directions, one from single to multiple varieties and specifications development, the second is to develop toward the direction of energy-saving. To meet the complete needs of manufacturing projects, required in respect of enterprises manufacturing valves, which determines a growing trend of pump manufacturers all offering. In recent years, energy-efficient industrial development principles and goals, from the energy point of view, stainless steel multistage pump is a trend and subcritical and supercritical high parameters of development, meet the needs of development of pharmaceutical machinery and equipment with low energy consumption.