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Select stainless steel chemical pump what factors should be considered when
Jan 04, 2017

1, according to facility layout, terrain conditions, working conditions, economic conditions, water level plan comparison and other factors
2. consider select horizontal, vertical, and other type (pipe-style, right angle, angle, corner, parallel, vertical, vertical, submersible type, split-style, liquid, non-clogging, self priming, gear type, oil-filled, water-filled).
Horizontal pump disassembly easy installation, easy to manage, but larger, more expensive, and required great covers an area of;
Vertical pumps, impeller is submerged in water in a lot of cases, you can start at any time, for bar of the automatic or remote control, and compact, the installation area is small, less expensive.
3, according to the nature of the liquid medium, determining water pump, hot water pump is also corrosion-resistant pump or oil pump, chemical pump and impurity pump, or the use of no-clogging pump.
Install pump in explosion region, regional level should be according to the explosion, explosion-proof motor.
4, vibration are: pneumatic, electric (electric voltage of 220V and 380V voltage).
5, according to the chemical pump of stainless steel of flow size, ready to pump or double suction pump: according to head high and low, ready to vacuum pumps are suction pumps, pump high speed or low speed pump (air pump), multistage pump efficiency is lower than single-stage pumps, elected single-stage pump and multi-stage pumps also are available, suitable for single-stage pump.