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Principle of pump selection
Jan 04, 2017

Pump is a much wider range of general-purpose machinery and equipment, it is widely applied in petroleum, chemical, power metallurgy, mining, ship selection, light industry, agriculture, civilian and defense sectors, occupies an important position in the national economy. According to statistics from 79, pump output 1.256 million units. Pump power consumption power consumption accounted for more than 21%. So to lower the pump energy consumption, energy conservation is of great significance.
In recent years, our pump designed and developed a number of energy-efficient products, such as IHF, CQB, FSB, UHB model pump products, to reduce the energy consumption of the pump has played a positive role. But in all areas of national economy, due to unreasonable selection, many pumps in unreasonable health, low efficiency, and waste a lot of energy. Some pumps due to unreasonable selection simply cannot be used, or increases in maintenance costs and low economic. It can be seen that reasonable selecting pump is important for saving energy.