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Measures of mine after the pump has stopped
Jan 04, 2017

In multistage pumps all pumps and valves used in mine belonging to the quality is superior and has some special application. But also at work, there will be some unexpected failure downtime. We need to analyse what downtime. Following are response measures after the pump has stopped
Ring sealing surface leakage, causes are: surface flatness, roughness does not meet the requirements, or scratches on the surface; between the end faces with particulate matter, causing both ends cannot be run the same installation are not in place, is not correct.
Compensation ring seal leaks, main causes: gland deformation, preload uneven; not installed properly; seal quality does not meet standards; seal selection is wrong.
Multistage pump for mine stopped after request
Transport crystalline, coagulation, precipitation, and other media the pump, pump shall prevent clogging, and rinse with clear water or other medium pump and piping.