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How to protect the submersible pump
Jan 04, 2017

Submersible pump installation electric leakage protection
Working under the pump because it is a dive into the water, if the pump due to corrosion or water pump pump water such as trachoma, likely to cause leakage of pump, pump in case of leakage occurs electric shock hazard, so in addition to not make contact with water for people and livestock and also to install a protector, pump can be guaranteed in the event of leakage immediately cut off the power supply.
Avoid frequent starting submersible pumps
How to protect the submersible pump
Do not frequently switch submersible pump, due to the startup current is large, frequently start to burn out the motor windings and when the pump stops water back, then start the pump motor load oversize, easy motor.
Don't let the pump overload for a long time
Submersible pumps using parameter of the plate needs to be installed if the submersible pump low lift flow caused large, motor is in overdrive, overload the pump will be dangerous for a long time, need to be reduced by controlling the flow of current.