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Extensive use of the pump
Jan 04, 2017

In terms of shipbuilding, oil, heavy machines and other widely used. 2008 ship production reaches 15000 tons, deadweight tonnes of the world 21%, by 2015 as the world's largest shipbuilding nation. In order to ensure normal navigation or mooring of the ships, meet the needs of the crew and passengers, each ship must be equipped with a certain number, can play the appropriate role of the pump, pump is one of the important auxiliary machine for ships. According to incomplete statistics, in a variety of marine auxiliary machinery and equipment, all types and different uses of the total number of marine pump, accounting for ship machinery and equipment total 20%-30%, marine pump prices in shipping equipment costs as a proportion of relatively large. The overall cost, marine pump around the costs of ship equipment 4%-8%, under normal circumstances, more than a medium sized ship pump purchase up to 10 million Yuan. Point pump market, says must have been completed by "West-East gas transmission" project, the "West-East gas transmission" project also needs to pump products. While other countries also built the natural gas transmission pipeline, which also requires a large amount of pump products.