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Common malfunctions and their elimination methods of magnetic drive pump
Jan 04, 2017

1. magnetic drive pump bearing damage.
Bearings of magnetic drive pump information is used in high-density carbon, such as pumping water or impurities in the pump, it could lead to bearing damage. Cylindrical coupling between inside and outside magnetic rotor coaxial request if not guaranteed, will also directly affect the bearing life.
2. magnetic drive pump shaft to break.
Magnetic drive pump shaft profile is 99% of alumina, the main cause of pump shaft broke due to pump air operation, dry grinding of bearing and shaft twisting. Disassemble pump inspection can be seen bearing are worn. Prevent pump broke the main approach is to prevent the pump running.
3. lack of flow.
Formation flow lack of main reasons: impeller damage, speed is not enough, head high, Canal of debris infarction.
4. a lift lacks.
Forming head lack of reasons: walks within the media air impeller damage, speed is not enough, send a small proportion of the liquid flow is too large.
5. magnetic drive pump without liquid.